Visit to the Memorial Acte

The “centre caribéen d’expressions et de mémoire de la traite et de l’esclavage” (caribbean center for the expression and memory of the slave trade) exhibits permanent and temporary, live performances and screenings of documentaries.

Located at the mouth of Pointe-à-Pitre port, the building stands like a ship in the heart of the Guadeloupe archipelago. This former Darboussier sugar factory dates from the industrial era and is a symbol of the collective memory. Every Guadeloupean has a friend, neighbor or acquaintance who has worked here. With the ACTe Memorial, architect Pascal Berthelot completely trans – formed the building, describing it as an “architectural response tinted with emotion, as it is the substance of the act of remembrance, the expression of a people whose memory was so often oppressed and denied.” An essential visit, to understand these crimes against humanity and pay tribute to the victims.

An idea of activity you can do as a family !

Faustine François

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