A perfect healthy and invigorating day at La Créole Beach Hotel and Spa

You need a true break? You want to take a real day off, and reconnect with yourself? This is my ideal day off that I am sharing with you! La Creole is a small paradise where I am sure you’ll be delighted to rest in and restore your soul while discovering the amazing island!

Waking up for a good day


Take a moment to breathe in your comfy bed and feel the moment. Try to realize you’re gona have an amazing day, full of wonderful experiences while listening to the birdsongs.

Get ready for a little walk before having anything as a breakfast but just water. Take this time just for yourself, go discover the luxuriant nature that the private park offers you. Just walk following the way your instinct shows you, trying to observe and be part of the peaceful and quiet atmosphere of the early morning. Take no phone, just keep that moment for you and live the moment.


Go the way you feel it, you’ll be led by the soft sounds of mother nature, birds singing, lizards and butterflies as companions of this sacred morning pilgrimage of yours. You might come across the hidden pier on the back side of the hotel, and anyways you’ll come across amazing views over the islands from very cute coastal path just everywhere, just randomly walking!


You’ll see you’ll feel extremely relaxed very easily wherever you go within the large area of the Hotel. Use this perfect time to maybe do some positive affirmations. And then follow your instinct for doing what you want.

Breakfast with a view


When you’re stomach feels it, it’s time to head up to breakfast! You’ll have plenty of what Guadeloupe has best to offer! Of course, you can take a croissant, since they have all the best French pastries and fine food that I admit are very tempting. For this special day, I would choose a very healthy meal though. Maybe scrambled eggs with oatmeal, seeds and dried fruits on it. Coffee or ginger tea, and a grapefruit juice. Even if would decrease my sugar consumption that day, Iet’s admit I could not resist anyways to savor some local fruits of the gargantuan but delicate buffet.

Again, be ready to feel entirely dazzled by this special moment. I have to emphasize this moment of your day too, cause you can make it one of your best private memories. I personally kept these breakfast moments engraved in what I call my “positive memory card”.

The terrace of the restaurant “La route des Épices” is a small heaven in mornings too. First, the view is amazing, my best spot is on the very border of the restaurant so then you can just have the amazing nature in front of you. The view is breathtaking, you’ll be able to stare at the ocean, and the palm trees etc.

There is also a spectacle that you can stare at: the positive environment. Children laughing, lovers sharing, families enjoying the morning miracle, happy waiters smiling while working, waves caressing your soul, the sound of the wind dancing with the trees and the bird singing! This is something I really LOVED, it is something you have to experiment once in your life because it is truly a happy indescribable moment.  You’ll be sure visited by the small little birds, the “bananaquit” are the ones you’ll see the most coming to you to say hello and sometimes seeking for cane sugar!

Discover the hotel and enjoy


When you feel totally fulfilled with joy and are done with the breakfast, you might wana discover the hotel and look for the things you would like to do during the day, according to your tastes and desires. Discovering the gym center? Doing shopping window at the boutique tracking the souvenirs you wish to acquire?  Writing postcards at the bar having a local café? Take an appointment to the spa for special treatments?  – maybe I would use that time to read or write chilling on the beach of the hotel. Perfect time to let it go and focus on nothing but relax! So just listen to your instinct again and just be you. Maybe chit chat with clients of the hotel, meet with locals and ask for recommendations for places to visit. This, you’ll be perfectly told at the concierge service desk where the team is really helpful and can take the time and listen to your desires to suggest some tours or ideas.

Afternoon: Refill the battery and enjoy again!


For lunch time I would go for a local salad with fruits from “La case”, the cute little pink house on the beach –  and I would eat in front of the ocean or sat on the pear, just me myself and I. I might not resist the caffeine call and would then order a latte at the bar… I would take this with a book and enjoy under the air-conditioning, laying on the large sofas, inside of the hotel at the bottom of the Spa entrance with an amazing view over the pools and the ocean.

Afternoon time would be perfect to jump into the ocean and maybe do some paddle and reading with the sound of the waves.

In the evening I would go for a treatment at the spa, and enjoy back and forth between sauna, steam room and also enjoy the terrace of the center till the sunset.


Night is gently coming


Nighttime is your moment again, do whatever makes you happy. Ginger tea and a meditation in the terrace after a gym session? Yoga on the beach? Drinks with the soulmate you just met in the lobby?

Sharing snacks drinks and music at the bar thanks to the jazz night of the hotel with new friends? If not coming with just yourself reconnecting with your beloved travel companions.

Whatever you’d have done that day, let me make you this promise: you’ll remember that special day as one of your best memories.

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