Top 5 things to do at La Créole Beach Hotel and Spa

1 – Enjoy a Jazz Night

The hotel seems to have been designed for jazz to feel home: warm colors, cozy spots, comfy sofas and private spaces, improvised or dedicated scenes with wonderful performers. Every day, during days or nights, you’ll might be lucky enough to be able to experiment the happiness of living jazz in a truly nice environment. “Les jeudis du jazz” are really dedicated to it, every Thursday as you might have understood in French –  Jazz is happening and it is something!  The powerful textured red wall is there delimitating the scene, magnifying both performers auras and the acoustic.

You can find the formers and futures local artists on an Instagram page dedicated to it @lacreolejazzclub How delightful it is to enjoy local tapas and snacks of the bar with live music! Will you to dance?


2 – Discover the best Caribbean Bar:

What would be Jazz without the ability of clinkering glasses of rum. The bar is known in the entire island to own the biggest collection of rums with more than 400 ones! Coconut milk might be the best friend of the most ambitious and curious ones, it is a local tip to prevent you from post night out effects … The cocktails are a blessing too, especially the home made “Planteur”. Rum with a book, rum and emails, rum and friends, glass of wine sat in front of the pool, cocktail with a view … what will be your version? Be sure of one thing, you’ll not be able to tell why, but the Caribbean cocktail truly are the best, and even if you can’t enjoy them the rest of the year, you’ll always have the memory!


3 – Give the best time to your body at the Spa:

Your body will have plenty of ways to invigorate at the Hotel due to the natural elements, environment and energies of the island. A moment at a spa is always a good idea though so to just focus on your body. After a massage and some back and forth between the sauna and the steaming room why not a tea on the rooftop? The Spa owns a terrace that provides one of the best view over the entire hotel and over the sea! The Caribbean massage might be the one to be recommended the most if you want to try something really specific from the spa.


4 – A sporty afternoon

The gym center is great if you’re willing to stay fit and need to work some particular muscle, but here in Guadeloupe why not to always take the opportunity to stay outside enjoying the good weather? Head to the private beach, you’ll find the best team here to help you! They will provide you with surfboards or paddles, and always with good vibes. The manager always has a genuine energy and may offer you a private lesson if you dare ask! Jet skies are also available waiting for you to have fun with in the water!

You’ll also find plenty of beautiful areas with stunning views that might tease you to meditate and do some yoga. The beach is of course again a cool spot with  sand as a mat perfect to massage the soul !

You can also decide that doing tanning switches on mats is your favorite sport and favorite this practice… 😉


5 – Enjoy with the animals

Guadeloupe is true paradise when it comes to animals! The first thing you’ll hear when you leave the airport will be bird songs! There won’t be a day without animals including at the hotel! Birds seem to enjoy the area and will always come by. A true happiness is having their company possibly in every open area of the hotel, which is basically everywhere! It’s is quite a wonderful moment to share a coffee with some birds playing around happily!  Be sure to say hello to the famous iguana of the private beach he’s always around. By night you’ll also see lots of small lizards, birds, and butterflies !


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