The food of Guadeloupe Islands – A Vacation Guide

The food of Guadeloupe Islands

Guadeloupe, a beautiful French island in the Caribbean, is no stranger to tourism.  This large island has mostly played host to the well-heeled French and European traveler, but that is quickly changing.  With new direct options from NYC and other parts of United States, Guadeloupe has begun to also attract the American and the Canadian traveler.  This family friendly island is also the perfect destination for a foodie.

Although there is no shortage of places to stay in Guadeloupe, many travelers chose to stay in the village of Gosier.  This (third largest) village on the island is home to some of the greatest resorts in Guadeloupe.  Besides the great resorts located here, the location of Gosier has other advantages as well.  Many fine restaurants and shops can be found right outside the front door of your luxury hotel.  There are plenty of car rental places here as well, so if one day you feel like exploring the island, you can do so with ease and without prior arrangements.

Of all the resorts on the island La Creole Beach Hotel and Spa is the best option for a luxury vacation – and one with easy access to great local cuisine.   La Creole Beach and Spa is a four star hotel is conveniently located in Gosier.  Here you will all the luxury beach vacation offerings – a huge infinity pool, plenty of entertainment options, a great kids club and of course a beautiful beach. You will also find several great restaurants on premises.

Take a walk outside

After you settle in your hotel, or perhaps the next day, take a walk outside.  The center of Gosier is only 15 minutes walk from La Creole Beach Hotel.  As you walk along the water, you’ll see many beaches and plenty of opportunities for pictures.  Find a small restaurant and step in for a drink or lunch.  One of the big advantages of being on this French island is the delicious French food – available without having to fly to Paris.  There are still only a few Americans here, and you will feel the decidedly European vibe of the island at every step.  The French feel combined with the Caribbean welcome is an amazing experience – and worth exploring on your next vacation.  The food too is a combination of French and Caribbean, a unique and tasty one.  Most people here speak at least a little English but google translate comes in very handy, especially when ordering in restaurants.  Most menus are still in French.

Jeune vendeuse sur le marché St Antoine de Pointe à Pitre

After your lunch, walk back to your hotel.  On your way back, if you wish stop by a local fruit seller.  At the local shops you will find a variety of fresh fruit in season – mango, pineapple, banana, avocado, all locally grown.  There are fruit planation just about an hour drive from your location – on the south and north coasts of the island.  Eating local is easy here.  If you wish to, you can make arrangements to visit some of those plantations at the concierge desk at Le Creole Beach and Spa.  A safari tour will take you to the south or north of the island.  In the south you can visit pineapple and banana plantations.  In the north there are other fruit including mango and flowers.

Excursion to Marie Galante

Another great tour you can take from the La Creole Beach and Spa is an excursion to the island of Marie Galante.  On this small island just off the coast of mainland Guadeloupe you will find sugar fields as far as the eye can see, and lovely old windmills dot the landscape.  At Marie Galant you will visit several large distilleries and a tour here is a must for any rum fan.  Tour the distilleries and learn all about the fascinating process of making the alcoholic drink Caribbean is so famous for.  After your tour, taste some local flavors of rum.  You will of course have a chance to purchase more rum to take home.  Local Guadeloupe rum is the perfect gift.  At the end of the tour enjoy a lunch at a local eatery.  To finish your day, make your way over to a local beach for a lazy afternoon in a bay protected by large coral fields.

After your excursion to Marie Galant, you probably don’t want to go far from the comfort of your resort.  Perhaps tonight is a good time to enjoy a lovely dinner at La Route De Epices, one of two restaurants at La Creole Beach and Spa.  The buffet style dinner is brimming with delicious French food.  Several varieties of meat are cooked to order and if you have a chance try the lamb.  There is of course a full pasta station.  The salad table is filled with unusual variety of salads – including a sashimi salad that is a must try. The high-end dinner tonight is perfectly complimented with a large selection of wine.

The atmosphere at dinner is, of course, Paris chick.  Don’t be afraid to get dressed up for dinner – you’ll fit right in.  One of the best things about staying at Guadeloupe is people watching in the evening.  Beautiful French women and gentlemen really love to dress up.  It makes for a great, and an unusual addition to a classic Caribbean vacation.

Even the breakfast here has a of a French twist.  A great buffet style breakfast is a must in any good resort, and of course you will find one if you are staying at La Creole.  But be sure to try the French delicacy meats at breakfast, accompanied by freshly baked French bread.  There is also a terrific fresh juice station.

Guadeloupe is a fantastic island for a vacation.  At Guadeloupe you’ll find the beautiful white sand beaches and more infinity pools than you can count. But more than that – you’ll find a beautiful and safe island ready to explore.  Whatever you are in the mood for at the moment – hiking or mountain biking, terrific cuisine, a few hours of leisure at your hotel, snorkeling – you can easily find it in Guadeloupe.   Here too, you’ll find a unique Caribbean French culture so different from the Caribbean culture you will find on many other islands.  Guadeloupe is a place worth coming back to again, and again.  We hope to see you here soon!


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