La Créole Beach Hôtel & Spa : Family Time

Welcome to Guadeloupe Islands


Guadeloupe, a French island in the Caribbean may not be on your radar yet.  Although it is only a short direct flight from NYC, this island paradise is mostly visited by French and European tourists.  That is quickly changing.  This safe, sprawling island has recently become the destination du jour for American and Canadian families looking for a safe, fun and luxurious vacation with a family.

La Creole Hotel and Spa is exactly the kind of Guadeloupe resort most sought out by families.  The large property offers a private beach, a huge infinity pool and a kids club. There is also one advantage that this four star resort has over many others – right outside you will find a booming little town of Le Gossier.   This third largest town on the island offers restaurants, shops, entertainment and easy access to rental cars.  This means that you are not confined to the luxurious resort but can easily explore all the things the island has to offer on your own, if you so desire.

Kids Club “Ti Moune”

The kids club is open for children ages 4 to 12.  Here you will find a low staff to child ratio and a variety of activities to keep your little one entertained.  During the day your child have supervised play time at the pool, beach time, plenty of snack and food breaks.  There are also water polo games and even cooking classes.  Field trip are available too, including a trip to the nearby Guadeloupe Aquarium and jet ski rides.  On Wednesdays  your little one can participate in a pirate treasure hunt.

How to spend your day in the islands

Because Le Creole Hotel and Spa is in such a convenient location, if you do choose to go off the property on your own, all the arrangements can be made immediately.  Just stop by the concierge desk on the day you decide to explore, and the staff here will assist you and help you figure out the perfect itinerary.  At the end of the day you can return your rental car, and no long-term commitment is needed.  The cost of a car rental is about 50 euros, and don’t forget to bring your license – this is necessary in order to rent a vehicle.

Plage de la Caravelle.

If you don’t opt for a car, La Creole Hotel has plenty of all day adventures to offer a family traveling to Guadeloupe.  One of the best options is the Blue Lagoon excursion.  This full day trip includes a boat ride to snorkeling paradise of Blue Lagoon, food and drinks.  This is a very convenient option if you are traveling with a family and don’t want the headache of making your own arrangements.  Getting to the blue lagoon on your own (even with a car) is not easy.  To book this excursion just stop by the concierge desk a day or two in advance.

Another great option and a family favorite is the safari excursion.  You can take the safari to the north or south of the island. Part of the adventure is the real safari vehicle you’ll get to take on your tour.  If you go to the south, you will discover waterfalls, pineapple or banana plantations, hot springs and a black sand beach. In the north you will find fruit and flower plantations, a river and great opportunity for pictures.  You can take this tour right from your La Creole Hotel and Spa and your day includes lunch and snacks, as well as all transportation and a guide.

Ilet Gosier [*]Gosier Islet
If you want to stay close to your hotel is a walk around Gosier.  This village is packed full of great things to do with a family in Guadeloupe.  Here you can stop by shops, there are more restaurants than you can count.  If you are up for a little adventure, from the center you can take a quick boat ride to Ilet du Gosier.  This little island hosts a beautiful beach where you can go snorkeling.  The ride is only a few euros per person and this is definitely a great bargain during your Guadeloupe vacation.

La Créole Beach Hôtel & Spa at night

At night, when your little ones are tired, come and join the evening party at La Creole Hotel.  Every night La Creole hosts a live band, elegant drinks are served the entire evening, and guests are wearing their best.

Around here evening wear is taken very seriously, and chick French women don’t settle for simple resort wear.  Gorgeous cocktail dresses paired with high heels are the norm, so don’t be afraid to bring your most glamorous outfits, you will have a chance to wear them.  Although the party is all high elegance, kids are very much welcome.  Many little ones, dressed up for the evening as well, spend time at the evening party.  There is a definite air of elegance and one can feel a bit like they are visiting Paris, at least for the night.

And speaking of tired little ones, in the evening there are some great dining options at La Creole Hotel and Spa.  The high end buffet at La Route Des Epices offers a ton of options – and plenty to please little pallets as well as the adults in the family.  There is a great pasta station that might be a winner for even the pickiest eater.  And for the adults, a selection of meats cooked to order, and some terrific French wines of course.

As more and more American and Canadian families discover Guadeloupe, the word is sure to spread.  The ease with which the island can be explored, the welcoming Caribbean culture, the beautiful hotels – everything here is ready for a perfect family vacation.  And the most family friendly hotel on the island – La Creole Hotel and Spa is ready to welcome you and your loved ones.  There are a lifetime of memories to be made in Guadeloupe.  The new direct flights from the states make Guadeloupe very easy to get to.  There is really no reason to put off your Guadeloupe vacation for even one more month.


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