The sketches of Benoit Desclos le Peley

Inspired by the nature on the island, the artist painted the pictures that colorfully decorate the rooms of the créole beach hôtel & spa. Portrait of an artist of passion.

Born in Nantes, a port town by the Loire River, Benoit Desclos le Peley has always been fascinated by light, the secrets of wild coastlines, and the magic of saltmarshes. At the Van der Kelen school of trompe-l’oeil in Belgium, he learned the traditional techniques of decorative painting, before founding the Atelier Desclos le Peley. He then moved on from one site to another, working in Japan, New Caledonia and Russia, among other places. These experiences left their mark on the artist, whose curiosity and sense of observation contributed to the aesthetics of his work. “When I started working on the hotel’s paintings, I wasn’t very familiar with the island’s vegetation. When I explored, I discovered an extraordinary density of powerful plant and animal life, amid roots and tangled lianas, and an incredible harmony. That was my greatest source of inspiration. The profusion, the diversity and all that color could only lead me to draw, then to paint.”

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