One day in a blue paradise

We just arrived in our hôtel and look at this stunning view…
La Créole Beach Hôtel & Spa****  is located in Gosier.

Start the day with a wonderful breakfast…

Then relax by the pool and enjoy the sun

Breath with a nice walk around to discover the nature and sea side that the way to find the best place and choose where you prefer to spend your day or a few hours …
Doing workout, read, or just explore like me…

Lunch at La Toubana Hotel & Spa ****(*)

We decided to escape for lunch in this amazing place, La Toubana located in Sainte Anne which is about 20 min drive to La creole Beach.

Food was so delicious, and let’s talk about the view from the restaurant…Lovely ! If you love shades of blue that the perfect place … from the pool side with a sea view and a gorgeous weather … What else ?

A cocktail maybe… relax …save the moment !

Article wrote by @sey_c

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Our Top 10 favorite beaches in Grande-Terre, Guadeloupe Islands

Just close your eyes a minute and imagine 180 nuances of sand colors from bright white to deep dark black with a whole palette of beige, rose, pink and gold in between. Now deep your feet in the warm water between 78 degrees in the winter and up to 88 degrees in the summer: you are now in paradise.

Datcha beach

Across from Gosier island, this beach is easily accessible from the village of Le Gosier. It is an easy swim on that beach and experimented swimmers can even swim all away to the Gosier island; just make sure not to swim alone if you plan to swim to the island. Part of the beach is lighted at night for those who like the midnight swim. The beach is also equipped with showers after a great day at the beach

Ste Anne beach

Very popular, this is the type of beach you see only in a postcard with turquoise crystal  clear waters. With fame comes often the crowd and this beach can be crowded at time and a bit noisy. People like it because it is the perfect beach for children with very low waves as the bay is protected by the natural coral reef. Be aware of the urchins who love to stand on the coral barrier. If you are lucky, you will see an iguana; they are used to the human population and will not hesitate to come to you in quest of a treat. Many restaurants along the beach with different taste of the local food and at very reasonable prices. You will also meet with the sorbet vendors along the beach; the coconut sorbet is a must to try.

Caravelle beach

A very large beach that could be easily viewed as 2 different sections. One side is really windy and the perfect spot for kite surfing, surf boards and speed sailing. The other side is more quiet and perfect for family with children as the beach is naturally protected from the winds. Water is very shallow which is perfect for young children. This section has also a lot of shades which is a great add on for the hot sunny days. For a few euros, you can rent a beach chair so you can travel light. It is not always easy to find a parking spot so you will have better luck to park a bit away and walk to the beach. It is a great spot for snorkeling so don’t forget to bring your equipment.

Bois Jolan beach

a ¾ mile long wild white sand beach bordered with coconut trees and turquoise waters. Good beach for children but please make sure to wear shoes because urchins live there. During the week days, this beach is very quiet but if you like local music and animated beach, make sure to go there on the weekend where barbecues and live music is often the scene. It is also a great spot for scuba diving.

Anse des Châteaux (Castle Bay)

wild and beautiful but also can be dangerous due to strong waves and currents. However, this beach gives you the impression to have reached the end of the world. You can take the natural path that will guide you to la Pointe des chateaux: a great sightseeing spot   from where you can see the other islands at the horizon like La Desirade island while enjoying the refreshing breeze.

Les Salines beach

Often windy, it is a large beach with coarse white sand spreading between the ocean and the swamp, a unique protected eco-system. You still can swim as the bay is protected by the coral reef. By strong winds, the waves are crashing onto the coral reef ending on the shore with strength. The coral reef is a bit eroded but has a multitude of bright colored fishes. This beach has very little shade and it is a great beach in a hot day as the constant breeze keeps you refreshed.

The Blower beach

More protected from the winds than the castle beach, the blower beach is a beautiful white sand beach that you will find on a postcard, nearby St Louis! On the north of the beach, take the hiking path to the mangrove area where you will find a few great sightseeing spots. A bit further away is a boat cemetery with boar wrecks and a few tombs decorated with shells. The beach is well organized and perfect for children. If you want to avoid the mosquitoes, make sure to leave the beach before 5pm as they take over the sport at that time. Don’t forget to taste the famous coconut sorbet that the local are selling along the beach: a local delicacy!

The door of hell beach

Despite the scary name, this is a great small beach enclaved in between the cliffs. Be aware of the strong currents at the entrance though! We recommend you to wear good shoes in order to reach that beach; you will have to climb on and in between sharp rocks! as you arrive at the end of the path, you will the legendary « trou mam koko » » A legend telling that Madame Koko would have sold her soul to the devil in exchange of good fortune. But as she decides not to follow the contract she signed up with the devil, the devil takes her away to the ocean. Since then, several sailors and fishermen have seen a woman walking with an umbrella on the water with a sinister horseman walking on her side before disappearing onto the deep waters.

The clear raisins beach

Located nearby St François, this beach is planted with numerous raisin trees. This is a white sand beach with clear water and protected by a coral reef, At the horizon, sitting comfortably under the shade of the trees you will see the Saintes and La Desirade islands.  This beach is busy on the weekend and you will be able to have a taste of the local delicacy: the famous Bokit guadeloupéen, a delicious sandwich sold on the beach…

The beach of the other side (La Plage de L’Autre Bord)

Golden sand and coconut trees, the perfect cocktail for a great day on the beach! Very well-organized beach with showers and public toilets along with a few huts on the shade. The water is great and the beach has quiet waters. Nearby, there is an aquatic park with a swimming pool and a famous 150 feet water slide, a plus for kids.

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